Laura was one of the many people we get who for whatever reason do not like driving, in fact I remember her saying right at the start of the course that she will NEVER enjoy driving, it is just something she felt she had to do.

Well at the end of the course it was another FIRST TIME pass but more importantly she actually said she was starting to enjoy driving, what a result!

Laura left us a 5 star review and I quote "I cannot recommend Academy Driving School enough. I took a 3 1/2 day intensive driving course. Within the three days, I improved so much and on the last day, to my delight and surprise, passed my test with flying colours. This was all thanks to Pete's excellent teaching skills, his wealth of experience, and his ability to put me at ease and imbue me with confidence, something I was severely lacking to begin with. Also, the course was excellent value for money. It was by far the most affordable I could find online, and the accommodation was excellent - very comfortable and delicious breakfasts! I really cannot recommend this driving course enough."

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