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30 Nov 2013
I had failed my driving test 5 times before I decided to do an Intensive course followed by test somewhere outside London. 

Mark, the instructor, was a great teacher and gave me quite a few tips my previous instructor had not. It was also great that Mark knew all the test routes and we prepared all the sections of independent driving. I felt comfortable that there would be no new piece of road that I hadn't driven on before. 

Although I didn't pass on my next go, I returned to King's Lynn a few months later and was successful. I would highly recommend Academy Driving school for anyone who has failed a few tests.

 - Uxbridge
23 Nov 2013
I cannot thank Pete enough for the highly professional service provided that resulted in a pass with only 1 minor fault. After a disastrous couple of lessons with another company which depleted my confidence, I quickly gained first rate driving experience and my confidence was restored. The 5 day intensive course proved perfect timewise to gain the skills necessary and become a competent, safe and courteous driver. Thank-you Pete for your patience, kindness and excellent delivery of skills necessary which has ultimately enhanced my life. Ros.
 - Boston
14 Nov 2013
I booked a three-day intensive course with Pete and I could not recommend him and the driving school enough. I passed my test on the last day and now feel so much more confident on the road than previously. After having hours and hours of weekly lessons and failed tests, I felt like I would never be in a position where I felt happy driving alone. Pete completely changed the way I felt about driving and 'tweaked' some of my driving habits which not only helped me pass my test but is now helping in my every day driving. The intensive course was personally the best thing I could have done to become a better driver and finally receive my pink license. Pete made the whole experience enjoyable and is very personable. He also made the booking incredibly easy and arranged my lovely accommodation for my stay. I would highly recommend the Academy Driving School.
 - St. Albans
24 Aug 2013
Outstanding week of lessons that made me a much better driver. Instructor was utterly professional, extremely patient, and great at providing feedback. Nice mix of environments to drive around in, from city centre to open country. Very nice, forgiving little car for a learner to use. On the last day, pretty much sailed through the test, collecting only a couple of minors. A very enjoyable week all round, with a great outcome. Accommodation arranged was very good value, too. I would absolutely recommend Academy, particularly if you just want to get away for a few days and concentrate on getting up to test standard. It's hard to see how you could do better.
 - St. Albans
8 Aug 2013
I recently completed a 25 hour course with Pete at Academy Intensive. After having done many hours with an instructor in London, I was not particularly confident, and hadn't really enjoyed the experience of driving. Within one day of being taught by Pete, he had managed to put me at ease and give me a confidence I'd not previously experienced, making me feel like I was actually driving! Thank you for showing me how not to 'cheat' my maneuvers, and for teaching me in such a way that I could do them in any car. I did a pretty exceptional reverse round the corner in my test, you would have been proud! Also the Beeches guest house was extremely helpful and friendly. I would all round recommend Pete and Academy.
 - Stoke Newington
29 Jul 2013
I recently completed a 5-day intensive course in an automatic with Simon Henson. I'm 38 years old, and although I've had driving lessons before, I'd never taken a test and hadn't sat behind the wheel of a car in well over 10 years. At the end of this course, I'm pleased to say I passed my test first time! Simon's tuition is first rate. The course is very intensive and quite exhausting, but in the end it paid off. Simon quickly identifies your problem areas and focuses on them relentlessly until you always get it right. He's determined and really wants you to pass - unlike instructors I've had in the past who seem happy just to keep giving you endless lessons week after week. He's also a top bloke who's really nice and is full of great advice and tips - not just on driving but on everything! He even recommended some great local restaurants which my wife and I loved. I still can't believe I've passed. I keep checking my certificate to see if it's real. Thanks for everything guys, best money I've ever spent.
 - Wolverhampton
17 Jul 2013
My experience with Academy Driving School went so smoothly, I did the 35 hour intensive course, I stayed in the B&B which was delightful and friendly and very comfortable, I passed my test first time, with only 2 minor faults. I was absolutely stunned! 1 month later, I have just driven my family and cat on the motorway in france, (on the other side of the road!!!) and I did not once receive a complaint! After 1 week of driving with Academy Driving school I am very confident about my driving skills and now I have passed my test to prove it! Thank you Academy Driving School.
 - Pimlico
5 Jul 2013
I was a very nervious driver, I took my test 3 times with over 60 hours driving with an instructor and failed every time so I gave up, 7 months later my mum found the academy driving school and all I needed was 19 hours with them and they were paient and gave me heaps of confidence; I then went on to pass my test first time with them.
 - Downham Market
24 Jun 2013
I have been struggling for years to pass my driving test and in the process I had lost any confidence that I would ever be able to achieve it. Pete at Academy Intensive, was very supportive and understood right from our first lesson where my problems lay and was able to offer tailor-made solutions for me that worked. I was impressed by his patience, ability to be tough but encouraging at the same and his insight into why I had failed so many times before. I found the intensive 3-day and 2-day courses extremely helpful - I had enough time to work on correcting my errors, practising routes and doing mock tests without overstressing. My husband, as supportive as ever, and I used the opportunity to have a few wonderful days in the area - like a mini-break, going to beautiful places and restaurants after a hard day driving around. Finally succeeding on the driving test was as much down to my abilities to drive without making a serious error as to my restored belief that I could really do it. Passing the test has been very challenging for me and I jokingly said to my friends and colleagues that given the choice, I would have preferred to complete another degree than learn to drive and pass the test. If passing the driving test has become for you a nightmare, try something different! Give Pete a ring and discuss your options! He likes the challenge and I sure presented him with a challenge. I am very, very grateful to him.
 - Huntingdon
21 Jun 2013
This was an excellent, well structured course. My instructor, Simon, was fantastic in simplifying everything, and his thorough preparation gave me huge confidence going into my test. His techniques for the maneuvers were very easy to learn and highly effective, whilst he ensured I was well practiced with all the most challenging aspects of the test routes. Most importantly of all, I felt like a genuinely good driver at the end of my course. Highly recommend it!
 - Holt
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